Sunday, November 12, 2017

Gain From Loss

Short poem reflecting on how we must loss something often if we want to gain. If we hold onto everything, we can grasp what is newly being placed into our hand or life.

Step by step, door by door,

creak by creak, hear the floor.

Window pain, Stops the beak

Lying still, Not a peep.

Pull my leg, Spoke a Word

Raised my hairs, Felt, not heard.

Make the sign, Of the cross

Bless my soul, Gain from loss.

I must die, To receive,

No more blind, You believe.

Monday, September 4, 2017

How Are You?

How are you, dear
People ask.
They only see a
Cold clay mask.

Staring, peering,
At the face.
Dredging opens
A hiding place.

Scooping, dragging
The riverbed.
Repeating theme is
Always read.

Degree and value
Mental states.
Eyes are windows
that negate.

Linking be verbs
Stay the same.
She prefers her
Maiden name.

Doubting, query
Fine-grained earth layers

Research answers
Is the quest.
Will she ever
Pass the test?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

He Heard Me - Suicide Poem

Am I in a dream?
It was so easy.
I spoke, in final hope,
Marveled, he heard me.

What do you need?
Suicide keeps coming.
It wants me to go.
It lurks at my soul.

Tears pour continually,
The faucet has a stream,
The pressure's released,
I get a reprieve.

I cry for help.
I cry for hope.
Will this ever stop?
Please help me cope.

(photo credit: III by th0rvaldsen on deviantArt)