Monday, September 4, 2017

How Are You?

How are you, dear
People ask.
They only see a
Cold clay mask.

Staring, peering,
At the face.
Dredging opens
A hiding place.

Scooping, dragging
The riverbed.
Repeating theme is
Always read.

Degree and value
Mental states.
Eyes are windows
that negate.

Linking be verbs
Stay the same.
She prefers her
Maiden name.

Doubting, query
Fine-grained earth layers

Research answers
Is the quest.
Will she ever
Pass the test?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

He Heard Me - Suicide Poem

Am I in a dream?
It was so easy.
I spoke, in final hope,
Marveled, he heard me.

What do you need?
Suicide keeps coming.
It wants me to go.
It lurks at my soul.

Tears pour continually,
The faucet has a stream,
The pressure's released,
I get a reprieve.

I cry for help.
I cry for hope.
Will this ever stop?
Please help me cope.

(photo credit: III by th0rvaldsen on deviantArt)

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Depression Kills

"Committed Suicide"
Is how the death’s explained.
Does suicide kill?
Or should another be named?

Where does it start?
When death is what you see.
Who is to be blamed?
Who hung the crooked frame?

Suicide results
But not the real cause.
Depression murders more
Yet, no one knows her lore.

It was this, it was that.
He did, she did, they said.
Where is the family?
An unseen mystery.

Looking for help,
They lived invisible.
There, but a shadow,
An empty French chateau.

Intoxicating drink,
The thought of being free,
Perverted justice,
Innocence takes the fall.

See her perishing,
Remember her no more.
Advancing in the ranks
She never voiced complaints.

Depression hides in smiles
Worn upon the face
Medicine for the soul
Too thin, it left no trace.

Depression kills.
A sickness of the soul
Continually, breaking down,
A castle with no sound.

The afflictions build
The wounds scarless to view
Distinctly took residence.
Yet, selfishness makes sense.

How cruel they speak of one,
Who died in agony,
Suffers understand,
Unworthy, to lend a hand.

Death--not self inflicted,
The murdered one, in shame,
Family and friends cower,
The victim is to blame.

Stop this madness, please.
Identify the crime.
Open your speechless mouth.
For those appointed to die.

Their estate is barren.
No fruit upon the vine.
No one pleads their case.
Clueless to the signs.

(photo credits: soisson pernant chateau walkway by magma storm66 on deviant art, urbex verdure by ashleygino on deviant art)