Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Like Forever

by katiepox on DevianArt
Dead leaves float low.
First frost is mean.
The dragonfly is here and gone
In one day.

Creation never stays
Each - in due time -
Makes its way
To its continued purpose.

We act, all day,
Narrowly we play,
Like Forever we will be.
Yet coffins float upon the sea.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Listening, Reflecting, Writing - Filled in Spirit

Running water bubbles over plastic rocks.
I close my eyes to drift elsewhere.
Crows caw, woodpeckers peck,
Insects rattle a hiss.
Bee buzzes, close chasing another--gone.
Late summer breeze brushes my face.
Cares ease, but do not cease--timeworn.

Berry Bush Bird by Endmon at DeviantArt

Tapping keys, so effortlessly,
Letting thoughts roll,
Flowing where they want to go.
Noisy little hidden insects
Make themselves known,
Rhythmic shaking in harmony.
Soft, then loud, they say,
"I am here, one more day."

Focusing back to the running water,
My lungs inhale deep-- a cleansing breathe,
A moment alone but not at all quiet,
No human voice, still sounds grow.
What a filling for my ear.
This summer day there is no pause.
Yet my soul reflects -- no fears.
Faith makes one bold with cause.

Drawing in another deep breathe,
Six legged bug, wings up hobbles
Full of effort cross the table,
Then stops to regain strength.
Do I hobble two arms, two legged,
Not using my wings to fly?
My soul draws to God above,
He is my Love-- supplied.

I'm cleansed by nature's lovely air,
Moist from showers gone before,
Maybe the cause of so much chatter.
Joyous response to life needed rain--quenched.
Fill my spirit with Yours, I pray
That I might reflect Your image,
Source of all, be mine today.
Into my core be etched--and stay.

To this, sings my soul until I die,
I watch a little bird,
Into the hedge he flies.
Bopping about, not in a cage
Free to roam the earth's wide sky.
Thank you for this spiritual reprieve.
As sisters, we prayed, for this need,
Now - the fruit of faith - I receive.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

All My Own - Selfish

All My Own is a poem about dealing with wanting something for yourself when you have been deprived of so much. Asserting your needs, expressing your wants, are things that are normal human actions but after extreme neglect and abuse these supposedly simple times can be perplexing, emotionally draining and regardless of the end result you are left exhausted... so often are also the people in your life.

By Narcoleptik on deviantART

Guilt Crowds My Company.
Selfish One wants all her own.

Let me have it.
Do not touch.
Taking care of it.
Eat my lunch.

Isolated - stands alone.
All forlorn, but she’s grown.

It will burn in the end.
Stubble and hay, they pretend.

Let me have it.
Do not take.
Wanting some of it.
Have some cake.

Feelings hurt for a thing.
Words just spent, left a sting.

Babbled sounds were not heard.
Growing anger is a verb.

Let me have it.
Do not leave.
Biting upper lip.
Watch it bleed.

Never can some thing be mine.
Intertwined, self-centered-- fine.

Fragile psyche, all a mess,
Spinning cycles ever press.

Now I have it.
It is mine.
Sitting all alone.
Left in time.