Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kindness Helps

Not every time can we know what some needs,
We think it is just another normal day, 
It may be for us, but not for another,
So we tread on, as any other would,
Seeing no need for extra sensitivity
For people that surround us commonly

In a happy home the memories and the sounds
We can't see the shades shifting into grays
Because to us they still seem like blues,
How simple a task it is to ask for 
Permission to unfold our music on hold

But what gift we can give to the other side
If only we could see how our activity 
Lived out in the mind and soul as another comes unglued.
Didn't mean to beat her, didn't mean to kick her with my shoe,
Throwing water into her face, I truly tripped into the space.

Don't you worry child, she was there for you,
Don't you worry child, It isn't what you do,
Clear tear drips in place, doesn't even come from grace,
She wanted so much more but couldn't hold it together
She heard the sounds but didn't know how to change.

Jumbled wires crossed the codes
Impulses triggers every cell to explode
The train shrilled across the track
Pushed cold air upon her back
He was no where to be found
But didn't know how much I needed him to be
Standing here right next to me.

Little gifts of kindness releive so much pain
Amazing that courtesies placed her mind in sane.
He served her by driving the car
Stopped for a fill up - wasn't much more
But it was enough for her heart to regain its steady beat
And it put her mentally onto stable feet.

Each gift, every day, builds by minutes the same way
Every hour, every ten, ticks the clock in the bend
I watched blinding light moving down, not a sound
I felt time close in and I wanted to try to live again.

Give me one more chance to change
Let me show you I am not insane
Believe in me before I die,
I can stop the cycle inside… or at least I'll try.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Rewind The Thread

Twirling gyro taught us to be still.
Jumping lady strikes us in her snare.
Pin-cushioned targets --very small
Hyper-hearing timbre in the air.

Mallet beaten formed in shiny chrome,
Bruises shape her-- lost in human zeal.
Ignored before, now more, crushing her heart.
Clinging to the promise, I will kneel.

Bobbing thimble, wounding wound it goes,
Threaded needle wearing 'til it split.
How thick the tan bleed and stained,
That bared each lick and built her grit!

Linen, cotton, lacy ruffle, see the frill.
Leather, rivet, painful strikes the metal. 
Filled with fiber, darned the broken hole.
Smell the fragrance of the crushed the petal.

Stitches form seams, rippers expose.
Every error transposed what was done,
Gluing hides the unseemly dark profile.
Giving up life, before she had begun.

Her rose lips meet with a toxic grail.
The foam so subtle, so smooth, simply flows.
Ingested-- clinks the cast foot pedal,
Running over, stitch by stitch, she froze.

by Lindy Abbott

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Solving Problems

High-speed velocity zigzag trackin' --
Tripping over every thought and sensation,
Not high, not low, running, ribbing, non-stop go.
Help me not crash, or detonate - I need to isolate.

Input maxed, output floods - unplugged but full of juice.
The source can't be turned off; the value is unknown.
Seek the Maker. Who damaged His perfect plans?
In an instant He can solve, thou He wills to let alone.

Limiting contact prevents potential flares
Pyromanic left too many ignitable tissues
Flammable matters not contained in an atom
Cells hold eighteen-plus revolving issues.

Desensitize charges ground into earth.
Pressurized molecules search for their balance.
Slinging atoms splitting into to nanos.
Science pines the mysterious challenge.

Would they profess the same value or import,
On the splitting minds of human beings?
To help a soul recover from child abuse,
To Wear flip-flops and go a mile sightseeing.

Cherished theories chased for accolade,
Are no compare. They slap her in the flesh.
Opportunities are missed -- No grants
To host the child within a humble creche.

Some came afar seeking a brilliant new star
But few recognized her royal wove clothes.
Behold-- the one precious in life-- and death,
The rose, so delicate, left out -- she froze.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Opposites are the Same

Opposites are the Same

Do you see my smile?
A tear roll down my face.
Two emotions collide to be one.
Seasons change but stay the same.

If I crawl, will you stand
If I try, will you hold my hand?
Stay by me, See me through this fall
I don't like the RED, wipe it away
The hot makes me cold in the soul.

Do you see me cry?
A curve shapes on my lips.
Opposites are one of the same,
Both are needed or nothings gained.

If I stumble, will you lift
If I stop, will you wait for me?
Stay by me, See me die to live
I don't like the RED, it cuts so deep
Gushing inside they say she never bleeds.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Un-medicated Dreams

Medication serves its purpose,
Intense therapy undertaken,
Stabilizes serotonin,
Keeps a hurting soul unshaken.

Little pills, you are my friend,
Faithful you help me to survive.
Able to love, to give, to know.
With you, I am today alive.

Time comes when your missions complete.
A healed vessel- into - I return.
In therapy -placisity
Of a new brain, she'd duly earn.

By chems it found a place to leap,
Forged pathways in concrete walls,
In Turn, by turn, the drill went on
Angels carried her through the falls.

By faith, she tries to be unmed,
Is it the time to have parole?
Bravely she treads deeper waters.
Trusting to dance - freeing her soul.

By faith I walk feeling my way,
Bending, leaning on God again.
He led me through haunted darkness,
Surely He can thru times so thin.

Sweating, tossing, breathing, beating,
Tortured, rapid re-runs - she dreams,
By day she delicately chose
To keep away from life's extremes.

A smile, a hug, a laugh, to grow,
Simple pleasure quickly can flee.
Number the days it takes to know.
It is finished, Is she chem-free?

by Lindy Abbott

Mental Medicine

Plink, plink the pill goes down again.
Routine, patterns never broken.
Chemist keepers served their purpose,
Sentenced -when can I be woken?

Happy chatter, silly - returns the child.
Un-numbed, sedate constrained her nature.
She lives within, waiting to come out,
But, what form or person is the wager.

Architecture holds her steel frame.
Contorted by pain - intensely trained,
By enterology she survives,
Another day, steps ingrained.

Hear me hurting - silence by design.
So much easier to handle a mime.
Perform charade, pleasing the crowd.
Squeezing her life, repeating the crime.

Back-bending to conform to others,
Dishonors her spirit and soul,
Year after year, held firmly restraint,
Don't the chemicals take their tole?

Who is at the helm, master in control,
Sovereignty knows her schematics.
Can she ever from elements by free?
Post-traumatic Hippocratics.