Thursday, December 26, 2013

Abstract Art - Vandalism

Cubist collage attacked,
Expectation failed,
Sum of destruction seems
Real world looks un-nailed.

By Mushroombrain on deviantART
Not going far enough,
Broke the fruit dish,
Cannot glue together --You
Missed what Cezanne wished.

Assault the painting within,
Abandon the medium.
Ready-made objects
Don't equate the sum.

Independent artist
Show provocative ways,
Blurring boundaries in
Degradation displays.

Set the stage for deskilled,
Experimental progeny.
Vandalize a painting -- Is
What some want to see.

Paint splattered and poured
On trash encrusted surface.
Ghostly traces in gilded frames
Brings tyranny of purchase.

Artist choose what art is.
Can destruction be vandalism?
Pathological passion - It
Depends on your prism.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dreams Upon Your Face (Life after suicide)

I held your hand,
Dreams upon your face.
We danced slow songs
Heart beats of grace.

dance by melodyofleeloo on deviant art

I led my love
Never been kissed.
Chose purity,
Nothing been missed.

I fit the plan,
Not left to fate.
Prayers had been said.
God bring my mate.

I was the one,
A dream come true.
Each piece in place,
Up to "I do".

I felt the pain,
Shame hid in me.
You believed more
Than I could see.

I failed at life,
You would succeed.
Can't hold you back
I now concede.

I never brought
To you a ring.
He is the one-
Now you can sing.

I'm looking down,
Dreams upon your face.
Joy fills my heart,
You found your place.

I let you go,
You deserved more.
In His embrace,
I leave the shore.

Monday, December 23, 2013

A Sharp Edge Stops

by myxchimcalxkiss on deviantART
A sharp edge
Thought to numb
The pain too deep
To heal away.

A sharp edge
Brought to mind,
Cut the memory-
Blood covers.

A sharp edge
Pierced His side
He took your sin
Upon Him.

A sharp edge
For a moment
Pause the cycle,
The burden.

A sharp edge
Does not solve
The real problem,
Hurting shame.

A sharp edge
Words spoken,
The Gilead
Balm heals all.

If you think about using a sharp edge to cut yourself to stop the pain, stop. A sharp edge against your skin is not the help you need. You are priceless, precious, and your life was created for a purpose. You can know happiness.

Child's Love - Mother's Longing

Mama, naturally.
A child loves his mom,
connected as one
from conception
in her womb.

by bailey--elizabeth on deviantART

Birth pangs, naturally,
Discorded at birth,
No pulsing between,
Or flatline.

Children, naturally,
Completely depend
On mama for needs,
A bond builds.

Parents, naturally,
Are beloved, it's said.
The childhood window
Closes quickly.
Locus food.

Regrets, naturally,
Eat away her peace.
Could have been's haunt.
A mother's heart
Never stops.

Loving, hoping, trying.
Even unrequited.
Her longing remains,
For her child's love
Until she dies.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Core of Me

by Isikol on devientart, boris tribute

My flesh, my muscles and my bones,
I flex and lift my bronzing tones,
I once was skinny, dust and dirt,
Now I'm built, I hold the earth.

Nothing easy comes to me,
Grovel, work, I can not flee.
Words haunt, howl, from my past,
Blows in frozen, bred to last.

By my brow and pumping grit
I resolve, no more, I spit,
Cradle to my bed alone
Four walls free me from that home.

Choose I must now - how I live,
Running springs no longer give,
Dig my own well, for my thirst,
Raging feelings, out I curse.

Cut the strings that held me down
Dangling offers - sins abound.
Taste the apple from the tree,
Rotten to the core, I see.

Pleasures, crutches, hold me back,
Mirrors glaring, what I lack,
Smoke defuses, nothings clear,
But the song of panting deer.

Brawn and might can get me far,
Still I'm crawling on the floor.
Willed erect now, full of pride.
Satan lurled me, 'course, he lied.

My redeemer, sees my core,
I can't open, the king's door,
Mercy needed, costly grace,
Lift me from this miry place.

Cursed I thought to bend my knee,
Humiliated, made me plea -
Kept it silent - evermore,
No one knew what - I endured.

Twisted up my sense of self,
Felt like trash, I lost true health.
Left my hope, my heart steel cold,
Forge me, liquid, with blood coal.

Sanctify harm, done to him
Holy love, blood, covers sin.
Purify the death dried stains,
Light life fire, through his veins.

Out of evil -can come good
It's the story of "he could"
Yet, each must choose his own fate
To be written his-- eternal state.

Listen little 'core of me'
Even Atlas Bent His Knee!