Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Solitary Confinement Poem

photo by eigrieves on DeviantART

Ghastly company-- I am to me
Solitary soul of gloom
Beating pulse flows through my veins.
Alone, yet, with the red blood moon.

Sensations approaching the cell door,
Creeping, silently upon the floor,
Dread and terror race to my brain,
Man-made walls make me insane.

Oh, forgive my wretched past,
Hope to drink from Grace’s glass,
Grinding metal grates the cage,
I can’t escape my judgment's page.

Read the Word He gave to me,
It's the only way for me to see,
Passed these wall that capture me,
To the horizon of tomorrows' seas.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sexuality In Marriage After Abuse

It is true. Anyone who has been abused will struggle deeply with their sexuality. Often they will be hyper-sexual until the appropriate time of the sanctity of marriage... and then they will freeze. It is not like a person can turn on or off a switch to sexuality any differently than they can stop depression or anxiety. Sex after abuse take work in learning to trust and also to enjoy touch again.

by Lala-lizzy at Deviantart

It's time again,
The deep allure,
Of wanting more.

So I pretend,
That I am dead,
In my love's bed.

The creeping nudge
To like a tree
Give more of me.

Yet, in my head,
And numb body,
I fight to be.

The sweet response
To his caress -
I now undress.

His tender touch
And luscious kiss
Melts my resist.

To know my love,
And to be known
Is two alone - as one.

Child-rearing Without Instinct (by survivor of child abuse)

by red85 at deviantart

A worker with an empty chest.
A cook without a cup or spoons.
I labored to produce my best
Without the simplest of tools.

No wool to spin the wheel to yarn.
No song to soothe and heal.
I did all I knew to raise them up
And let the Potter spin His wheel.