Saturday, November 19, 2011

REST Is What We Need First

Rest is were life begins. Sit. Rest. Live.

We can busy ourselves in life.... eating, cleaning, watching, texting, reading, writing, shopping, meeting, doing..... and never ever find life.

Life is not what we make up it to be.

Life is a gift - we only start living when we learn how to rest.

As long as we lug around our hurts, our violators, our nemeses, our broken heart, our shattered dreams, and our mess.... we will never be able step into living life as it was initially meant to be for us. The life would should and could be living now!

The only way to find rest is in God.

Haven't  you tried so many other ways?  People do try so hard.... before they turn to God they try almost everything... or else they sit in a catatonic dullness of nothingness. Depressed. Exhausted. Near Dead.

Cry out to God! Run to Him. Fall into His arms and His presence. In God, you will find rest for your weariness.

God is real! Look around... everything you see... it is like living in a dream... it feels so real, so solid, so permanent. But all you see is temporal, physical. God is what you see when you wake up. The spirit world is life, the real eternal world.  Try to wrap your thoughts around this concept.

God created you. Jesus is real. He came to earth as a baby, lived as a young man, died on the cross as an adult, was buried on the third day.... but listen... I pray you will hear this in your hurting soul...