Saturday, January 4, 2014

Sexuality In Marriage After Abuse

It is true. Anyone who has been abused will struggle deeply with their sexuality. Often they will be hyper-sexual until the appropriate time of the sanctity of marriage... and then they will freeze. It is not like a person can turn on or off a switch to sexuality any differently than they can stop depression or anxiety. Sex after abuse take work in learning to trust and also to enjoy touch again.

by Lala-lizzy at Deviantart

It's time again,
The deep allure,
Of wanting more.

So I pretend,
That I am dead,
In my love's bed.

The creeping nudge
To like a tree
Give more of me.

Yet, in my head,
And numb body,
I fight to be.

The sweet response
To his caress -
I now undress.

His tender touch
And luscious kiss
Melts my resist.

To know my love,
And to be known
Is two alone - as one.

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