Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Weak and Selfish - I am That Girl

The preacher says we are all the body of Christ...that each member is necessary, a part that functions in unison with all others, but God, in this life--in our time spent on earth--in present day local churches, this is not really true.

It sounds good, repeated over and over, because the Bible says so and therefore we all should.

But churches seek the best,
the ones that fit their mold,
the ones who meet their mission,
the one that helps their goal.
They keep track of numbers,
saving all the souls,
running them through baptism,
collecting them in the fold.

But those of us with broken parts,
not shiny like the rest,
we hear what no one else hears,
we feel words with our soul,
we sense when something isn't right,
therefore we get left out in the cold.

Who wants to work with such a pain,
she is trouble where she goes,
she stirs the pot and sifts for truth,
she sees the thorns and not the rose.

Why can't she just be silent, "if you don't like it, go away," 'give a try another church," "we can't use you .... we have to protect the flock from you."

They call her weak and selfish. They don't care to know her name.

I am that girl. I know her pain.
I feel her sorry. I walk her shame.
I'll never be able to be "normal"
 - a mother or a friend.

So I keep doing what I do best,
I slowly bleed out drops love,
as I write - it is who I am.


  1. Lindy, this is wonderful. I really, really like it, but I absolutely LOVE you and thank God for bringing you into my life!


  2. Beautiful. Is o relate , understand, appreciate. I am sharing to my Facebook page. You are beautiful and precious. I am blessed by your brave, beautiful words today.

  3. Thank you both, for your loving support and kindness. I thank my God for you!

  4. Lindylou this is so powerful and true. Thank you for sharing because a lot of people will have experienced this as you describe. Churches are supposed to be a place for all those hurting but too often it is the opposite. Jesus will be crying at how people are treated so badly by his church. Safe Hugs.

  5. I just read from a dear friends post that when a Shepherd leaves the church wolves in sheep clothing try to come in and take over. I believe that is what we have in most churches today. Certainly we have loving Shepherds but they are duped by Wolves on their staff in high positions.


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