Saturday, September 7, 2013

All My Own - Selfish

All My Own is a poem about dealing with wanting something for yourself when you have been deprived of so much. Asserting your needs, expressing your wants, are things that are normal human actions but after extreme neglect and abuse these supposedly simple times can be perplexing, emotionally draining and regardless of the end result you are left exhausted... so often are also the people in your life.

By Narcoleptik on deviantART

Guilt Crowds My Company.
Selfish One wants all her own.

Let me have it.
Do not touch.
Taking care of it.
Eat my lunch.

Isolated - stands alone.
All forlorn, but she’s grown.

It will burn in the end.
Stubble and hay, they pretend.

Let me have it.
Do not take.
Wanting some of it.
Have some cake.

Feelings hurt for a thing.
Words just spent, left a sting.

Babbled sounds were not heard.
Growing anger is a verb.

Let me have it.
Do not leave.
Biting upper lip.
Watch it bleed.

Never can some thing be mine.
Intertwined, self-centered-- fine.

Fragile psyche, all a mess,
Spinning cycles ever press.

Now I have it.
It is mine.
Sitting all alone.
Left in time.

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