Friday, May 21, 2010

Horror House Dream

Last night I experienced one of the horrific trapped dreams in my life. I have been sleeping for nine hours. I tried several times to awaken but found that I couldn't - I tried to speak, get my body to move, to sing... I was in a trance that was not by my doing and not mine to control.

Somehow I retained enough sense, maybe the Holy Spirit was speaking to me, but in the midst of being caught in this dream ... I remembered that I had committed to fast on Fridays to break any spiritual bonds left in my life so that I could experience the abundant freedom God desires.

I fasted last Friday and this past week has been awesome!!! Relationships have blossomed within my home. I am walking on a deeper level with both my teen boys.

Doors have opened. I have been at the right place at the right time to have "life" spiritual impact in others life. God has worked through me to speak to people who need to hear a life-giving word.

Why do I feel corny stating that we absolutely do have an enemy? Our cultural popular worldview is to belittle God and to ignore Satan. It is worse to say you believe in Satan to be real then to say you believe in God. Many religions believe in God, but only Christianity has Satan - the evil One.

Think about it - why is that? Could it truly be what the pharisees accused Jesus of thousands of years ago... that leaders of other faiths are truly Demonic. Jesus was accused by the "religious" powerful of his day as been aligned with Satan. But Jesus clearly responded that Satan would not cast out himself from a person tormented by demons because a house divided against itself could not stand!

Today think we are so smart. Even the ancients openly recognized the identity and power of Satan and his demonic realm of spiritual tormentors. Jesus rebuked Satan and cast  him out of possessing people and taught his disciples how to resist and reject Satan. What other religion in existence today speaks of the power of Satan and the fact that God has an enemy that will be removed?

Satan was crushed when Jesus died on the cross and broke the powerful bonds of eternal death in hell. Jesus made a way for all people to be free of the power of Satan. Many choose to deny both. I chose to embrace God by faith and to resit Satan, rebuke him, reject him and break the bonds he hold on me through generational abusive sin!

By God's grace and His ability to help me fast today and for many Fridays to come. I say, as Jesus did, "Satan get behind me! to anyone that tries to get me off the track of walking with God and following His will for my life and anyone who attacks or ridicules me. People are flesh and blood. People are not my enemy, but Satan and his demons are.

I publicly proclaim, "In the name of Jesus and by the power of Jesus' blood leave Satan leave me alone!" My war is with you and not against people. I fight you with spiritual weapons given to me by God - and you will not prevail in my life!"

All glory and honor and praise to God, my Lord & Savior Jesus and His Holy Spirit!

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