Saturday, July 3, 2010

Served Its Purpose, Now Do you have a Need?

I started this website for those "Shattered Glass" moments in the life of people who are really seeking to recover from abuse and trauma.

Abuse is very ugly...frankly horrid, disgusting, and often filled with terror.

Healing from abuse and trauma is also very ugly. Healing is very messy, painful, and can be deathly serious.

In the healing process, I felt strongly lead by God to be real and to use writing to express the emotions inside my wounded heart. God give different outlets and directions to each person, some people sing, draw, create sculpture, woodwork or take a run.

Over the past month I have come to the finishing point of my healing, which I would not have believed possible 2 weeks ago. It always hoped to be finished the healing process, but I resigned that I would be always healing.

As a Christian believer, I understand that I will  never stop growing and will always be developing personally becoming sanctified and more like Christ.

So what do I do with a blog post that I felt led to create and only needed for such a short amount of time,

1) I could just leave it as is to be an its little sanctuary, a place in time for the ending stages of my healing, to be as real and vulnerable as I needed.

2) I could close it down and move the post over to my main blog abuse and trauma - hope blog site .

3) I could allow it to become a place for people to come, and even if needed anonymously, have a place to come to express their Shattered Glass Life moments in healing from personal abuse and trauma.

I am opting the third choice. If you want to submit a post email me or leave me a comment and I will be very open to let you freely express what you need to say. So if you are needing to express your journey, your pain, your "shattered glass moments".

I hope this site will be a blessing to you.

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