Sunday, September 4, 2011

Abstract World - What is sanity?

Is it insanity? How can you know?

If you are insane, you will never know... so if you don't think you are insane you might be.

If you do think you are insane, you might be.Or not.

Doesn't it take a little bit of "insanity" to see beyond? Well, if you prefer, mental capability to see and know what is abstract. To believe in, sensing, something more than, to understand better than, to feel with an aware that others often miss.

Is it you or is it them? Who gets to say? Who is really living in the real world?

And who gets to pick? Who sets the rules, standards, conditions, proofs, absolutes?

Can you bend your mind? Can you see beyond, can you feel more, can you know what others never even see?

What is real? Is it what is tangible, what is accepted by the majority or the brightest, smartest minds? And who is to determine who and what is really bright or smart? If you rattle back facts are you smart? Or does that mean you can record and replay very well? But genius, is not playback... no matter how much or how deep or how far or how wide your storage and rapid repeat of facts may be.

What is genius?

Is it not the ability to create anew? what do what has been undone? To utter what has been unheard? To make visible what has been unseen? To share facts that have always been unknown? NEW.... not a new blend, nor a new order of what was, nor a new packing, nor a new method of what has been?

And if new is the substance of genius, than is not a Creator the only one possible of being a genius, of making something brand new out of nothing that was or came or existed or is? Not transformed, not mutated, not cloned, not replicated, not evolved... each of these begins with substance of some sort whether thought, sound, material, energy... even space from which has to be?

Pure genius is only possible by God, the Creator.

And it is His choice alone to who He wishes to give, or show, or make known, or aware what is new. Or even if He ever chooses to do this.

Is another not sane, out of touch with reality, not making sense, not right.... could it not be that you in all your great wisdom, experience, accolades, achievement were too absorbed in your own beliefs, your own concept of reality.... that in the end, you missed what was given and what is true. What is truth? Certainly, it is not you nor me nor any other mere non-creator to determine... unless you are so grandiose to think you are more knowing than the all-knowing God.

And isn't that what insanity really is? Because is it not so, that you will never know, if what you believe to be, really is and therefore, you foolishly place your eternal existence in what you have convinced yourself to be real, and you laugh... no, you scoff  and belittle anything or anyone that just might have the answers you don't want in your reality.

And in a sad, insane way, you convince yourself that your beliefs are truth, and that truth is make-believe, a figment of a person's (of course, another simpler minded person's) imagination, a thought conjured up to answer questions they could not answer so to be satisfied they created faith in what is not real.

Look in the mirror and answer this question.... Are you sane, and by whose standards? Are you convinced beyond all other possibilities that your believing "it" to be so is all the proof you need?

Don't forget how you will be able to explain the existence of God away the day - and it will come - the day you are in His presence, remember how to tell Him that He is not real.

On that day, who will be the fool? Who will be insane? Who will not be functioning in reality?

What is abstract to humans today will not always be an abstract world of another dimension of time and space... it will be all that is as it already is.

But only those who don't know that to be true, don't know Who is.

Can you see? Are you sane? Are you living based in reality?

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