Monday, April 1, 2013

Stained Glass Pain

This is an edgy poem. I was thinking about how through my life relationships have been hard. In my rawness and brokeness I have scared many "good" people away. Knowing someone who has lived a hard life - can 'in it self' have times that are very "up hill" to work through. You don't always get what you want or what you expect and many times the odd conversations or moments are never reviewed because when they are done, once they have happen, they are gone. This is awkward for most people - they don't know how to handle and accept the unexpected. I don't view myself broken, but more like a stained glassed window made of pieces of my life because of the pain I lived through.

I see life through a stained glass pain,
I'm not insane, it's just my view.

From birth to the hell I was spurned,
Tried by the day, no one had a clue.

Turn up the flame,
Lead in the fire,
Broken glass is plain
Piece it in the frame.

Walked the night in a crawl to day,
Held me down, til I braced the shame.

Dark shadows hollered out to me,
Blinding hate, they could not see.

Fractured in light,
Color shining through,
Shapes take the form,
Pretty picture you.

Tears, sweat and dirt-- made up my face,
Covered any stain, its the same ol' news.

Brittle bones broken in her spring,
Metaled back, into winter hues.

Catch the sunbeam,
Spinning on a string,
Tagged a price,
Pretty little thing.

I see life through a stained glass pain,
Some think I'm sane, if they only knew.

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