Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mumbled Messages

I am trying to speak, to explain, but I am incapable of being heard.
I am speaking clearly in my head, but what comes out is mumbled.
I want to be heard, to be understood, to be empathized,
But others can't comprehend or even barely listen to what is uttered.
It is too hard to listen to, dragging them deep where they do not want to go.

Pretty little house, cute little family. We go to church.
We serve. Love the Lord. Raise our kids.
You are weird, complicated, too hard to be a friend.
I don't need that in my life. I have a ministry and enough to do.
Help me find a way to end this conversation.
Help me get away. I will never speak to her again.
I will be quiet. I will pretend to listen,
But I am not.
I have already moved on.

Sticky people are more trouble than they are worth. What is that you said? You couldn't possibly. Are you serious? How could you think that?

I am trying to learn to not speak ... at least to certain people... but truly in most.
Smile, nod, greet, I am doing good, fine, nice, swell, have a nice day... oh, I said nice already, but nice is such a nice word... it says so little but is enough for most. Nice chat. Nice dress. Nice story. Nice time. Nice... it crawls around sneaky little mice... hope the cat hunts this little creature and swats him while he eeeeks! Swash no more mice... no more nice!


Thick lips, fat tongue, speaking words while it all feels numb.
Run away, hide your kids, keep them safe, from this liz.

Speak the truth in your lies, mix your words, at least you tried.
Laugh one day, when your away, what a joke, you tried to stay.

Big mistake to help someone, complicated, it is no fun.
Light ministry is your style, sing a song, walk a mile.

God loves all, even those who try, why try hard, when we're going to die.
Live a nice life, have a bbq, chat with friends, swim in their pool.

Feel the breeze, in the Caribbean shade, on adventures, there is no shame.
Dig your heels, into your life, live it high, aloft, in the sky.

Shake off dust, of complicated others, don't need that, she just smothers,
Lift a glass, make a toast, life is good, better than most.

Cheer to us, and our delight, we are far away, we are out of sight.
Greed and lust, fills our heart, but we do good, we do our part.

Feel the sun, upon the skin, mansions apart, we live in sin.
What a life!, to know no pain, we have our hurts, but it's not the same.

See her face, in a misty dream, she drifts away, I didn't catch her scream.
Jewels to wear, giggling you, sip champagne, we deserve it too.

Walk away, from the crumbled soul, we have to go, can't miss the show.
Insulated, it's the high life, above the rift raft, away from strife,

Seal my soul, in sparkling glass, how I live my life, to you it might be crass.
Each has his turn, going to victory, when will it stop, when she drowns at sea.

Mourn a life, we did not know, it is fine with us, pull her in the undertow.
Now it's done, she is no more here, we can live our life, never hear her tear.

In a distant day, when your days are done, And the dear Lord asks, how you treat His Son,
Flash before your eyes, that poor girl's face, Oh, you didn't know, It was Him, the same.

Don't shed a tear, Oh, you did so well, you laughed a lot, now you go to hell.
How did He do, make this decision, you walked away, from His hurting Son.

When the days are done, and we count our goods, He is more concerned with our missing shoulds,
Now it's too late, to change the tune, you had your chance, now you die entombed.

And she dances free, she sings her song, she hurts no more, all of that is gone.
For eternity, she lives to please, He dear Lord God, on her bended knee.

She laughs a lot, and skips away, she is given life, It is just God's way.
So when you have a day, to help someone, remember it might be Christ, His only Son.

Push through the pain, and the dirt, there is someone there, for you to ease her hurt.
Take a hand, extend it out to her, invite her to your land, it is kinder to care.

It is worth your time, mess with sticky hair, the gems to bold, the gifts she'll share.
Doen't think she's trash, yes, she is misplaced, but she needs your love, you to share your space.

Crumbs from your table, treasures to behold, you just swept away, thought you weren't able.
Don't miss the chance, to breathe in a life, the gift of joy, do more than tithe.

To give a hand, to the messy crowd, to get tangled up, to hear them loud.
Is a joyful sound, hear the reigning grace, drink the gift of life, see it on her face.

Just reach out, give a hug, rumble up inside, feel His perfect love,
It'll change your life, to the better sort, you will see beyond, you will share His Heart.

Glory to God on the Highest and Peace to all on earth who believe!

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