Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Dreams Upon Your Face (Life after suicide)

I held your hand,
Dreams upon your face.
We danced slow songs
Heart beats of grace.

dance by melodyofleeloo on deviant art

I led my love
Never been kissed.
Chose purity,
Nothing been missed.

I fit the plan,
Not left to fate.
Prayers had been said.
God bring my mate.

I was the one,
A dream come true.
Each piece in place,
Up to "I do".

I felt the pain,
Shame hid in me.
You believed more
Than I could see.

I failed at life,
You would succeed.
Can't hold you back
I now concede.

I never brought
To you a ring.
He is the one-
Now you can sing.

I'm looking down,
Dreams upon your face.
Joy fills my heart,
You found your place.

I let you go,
You deserved more.
In His embrace,
I leave the shore.

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