Monday, December 23, 2013

A Sharp Edge Stops

by myxchimcalxkiss on deviantART
A sharp edge
Thought to numb
The pain too deep
To heal away.

A sharp edge
Brought to mind,
Cut the memory-
Blood covers.

A sharp edge
Pierced His side
He took your sin
Upon Him.

A sharp edge
For a moment
Pause the cycle,
The burden.

A sharp edge
Does not solve
The real problem,
Hurting shame.

A sharp edge
Words spoken,
The Gilead
Balm heals all.

If you think about using a sharp edge to cut yourself to stop the pain, stop. A sharp edge against your skin is not the help you need. You are priceless, precious, and your life was created for a purpose. You can know happiness.

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