Thursday, December 26, 2013

Abstract Art - Vandalism

Cubist collage attacked,
Expectation failed,
Sum of destruction seems
Real world looks un-nailed.

By Mushroombrain on deviantART
Not going far enough,
Broke the fruit dish,
Cannot glue together --You
Missed what Cezanne wished.

Assault the painting within,
Abandon the medium.
Ready-made objects
Don't equate the sum.

Independent artist
Show provocative ways,
Blurring boundaries in
Degradation displays.

Set the stage for deskilled,
Experimental progeny.
Vandalize a painting -- Is
What some want to see.

Paint splattered and poured
On trash encrusted surface.
Ghostly traces in gilded frames
Brings tyranny of purchase.

Artist choose what art is.
Can destruction be vandalism?
Pathological passion - It
Depends on your prism.

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