Thursday, April 29, 2010

Good Day

I haven't posted a vlog in a while because I wanted to show what a Shattered Glass Life of someone who was healing from childhood abuse and trauma authentically looked and felt like. However, I really think this give balance to this site for readers/followers to know that even if you are not bi-polar (manic depressive) you can have sways of really good days when you feel like nothing is wrong. This is so stark in comparison to the days when you can't shake the despair, dread, hopelessness. It is not something you can just wish to stop or pray for God to lift and it mysterious goes away.

Now I will state that God is unlimited and can make the "episode" go away. At the same time we must balance the fact that He is not a genie in the sky granting our every wish. He sees at a further distance and a deeper depth what would be good for us, what will be useful to transform us into the image of Christ. So we must learn to praise Him is the storm just as we naturally are inclined to praise Him in the rainbows.

That said, I hope you glean something meaningful for your journey in this vlog, and written blog portion.


  1. As I read your blog it reminds me of all the abuse cases I investigated while working as a police detective. I'm praying for you now to have the peace and comfort that only our Lord can bring you. God's blessings. Lloyd

  2. I wish this kind of abuse could be highly exposed in our Nation. It is so hidden, and effects so many!


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