Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Love Me

Said I to God, "Love me,
Pour down your showers from heaven.
Release your geysers from earth.
Surround Me in Your presence.
Let me float weightless in You,
Absorbing goodness into every crevices'
That I might be saturated,
That my thirst would be quenched,
That I would never need another."

And God so willingly poured out His love on me,
Little me - to the world I am so minor,
Just a one in a crowd of millions- even more,

A grain of sand upon which the ocean roar,
A particle of dust--clothed away- unwanted.

But to God I am His everything,
A priceless daughter of the King.
My heart bursts forth with exuberant,
To know, He joys, that I exist.

A gift - a gift - I am to Him
And He to me - far greater.
To love as He - I can not measure
Nor ever - though try, I might - to do
Like the river He pours out for me and you.
Oh, ask Him, try and you will see
You will know for yourself -
His love - as He has for me.

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