Sunday, November 24, 2013

Vision Tutelage Through Brain Therapy Healing

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Several forms of Trauma Therapy use visionary training to heal the brain naturally. These are not dark forces or drama but organic abilities all humans are born with. As creativity and imagination are decreased in the advancement of age and school-tutelage, so has the innate ability, the part of the natural man has been hushed within a person. This erasing is so indelible that most people profess to lack and never to have had the ability to heal from within.

Our senses are keenest when we are untaught by the refinement of institutions and scholar-wise establishments. Thus, natural learning is the best tool for inner growth, healing and advancement. This does not mean that a person cannot learn from another. Of course, we learn from each other and those who words are printed over centuries -- saved -- for those who come later into the world that must uncover, realize ... see in every sense of that ability.

Cherished fictional stories hold the truth that can be digested and embraced much more widely than the formal tutelage of non-fiction. We are more open to receive light and power from what is woven into a fictional classic than to hear the plain direction in simple words. Moreover, this testifies to our innate ability to be visionary and to learn through what can be seen. Most can see what is physically transformed into images that we all accept and thus are familiar.

The invisible versus the visible are the opposite poles of light and darkness. The twist is that what is seen is more of darkness than what is not seen. And lightness can be more fully known in a "felt-sense" over a pure physical realm sense, but we don't believe [or so the common lesson is taught by those who are suppose to be most wise to not trust (believe)] what one cannot witness, that being what one see with one's optical ability.

Yet, we can see in the visionary and we must learn to trust our visionary nature.

Opposite are always in play. What seems most real is unreal and what seems most foolish is wise!

Brainspotting, EMDR and many other trauma therapies are simply tapping into the human ability to be visionary, and the force of good that can come from allowing the soul to know and be led to what it needs. Permanent healing can be had.

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