Sunday, May 31, 2015

Rude, Raw, Received - We Have a Personal Lord and Have Walked Our Own Path

Someone who loves me spoke words to me that hurt. She seemed rude. Her words felt like a slight, but the person said she meant it from a positive place through their experience and journey.

We are chiseled in life etch by etch until will shine with light

For her words matched her walk and experience and seemed a universal truth. But when one is a daughter of the King she must know first that God alone is the voice that must be obeyed and honored. Advice that seems good for all may not be in proper timing for each. I know that I myself make this error many times, more times than I will probably ever know. With God we have our own personal path, when surrendered we are letting him complete us in His own timing. It is easy to judge from the outward appearance but God sees the inward and deals on levels that are unseen usually to the observer.

Comments made cut to the core,
Often hit truth and carve us raw,
Exposing what we know-- but are not
Ready to receive, the timings wrong.

Words perceived as rude,
Are they spoken in love,
When a person does not know,
The experience of another.

Still we must learn to love
Just receive from her heart
Does that means-- it's good for us?
No hurt, no pain or meanness.

We must each be sensitive
To God, speaking in the Spirit
And with His filter and timing,
Not Him - We must live surrendered.

Each to HIS Lordship
In our own life and path.
In grace, reduce words spoken
In His sieve, receiving His Words.

Alone. Knowing His voice
Is really what matters,
His opinion and whisper
Spoken to our soul - perfection.

He alone knows us, our path
Our heart, Our need, Our focus,
He is Lord, personally
And timing is everything.

The healing of the inner soul,
May manifest and be necessary
Before the Physical and some may
View, even Judge, but not know.

Because He alone knows everything.
So rest little Child of God, Listen
To His Words, His direction, His Love
For we all, serve an audience of ONE.

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