Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Stab, Pierce, Bleed, Heal - Words that Hurt

Words can stab

Words can pierce

Make us bleed

Not ready to receive

Not spoken by the King

Out of timing-- they seem mean.

photo credit: written in blood by star95 deviantart

Drip, drip, stab--pierce--bleed

Therefore, when words hurt,

We must forgive the one

Who has spoken and

Filter as received, covered

In grace by His blood.

Drip, drip, stab--pierce--bleed

Well-meaners, do-gooders,

Advice, without knowing

That embraced acceptance

Is always needed first.

Love proceeds instruction.

Drip, drip, stab--pierce--bleed
Too soon, unready to receive.
Dig deep to forgive,
Photo Credit: Elyra Coacalia Deviantart
Cover in grace,
Filter in love,
Please the King,
An audience of One,
Surrender alone to His lead.
He will never cause you to bleed,
But lead you to heal - In His timing.

Drip, drip, stab--pierce--bleed
You didn't know my need.
You didn't live
Through my life.
Oblivious -
Out of sight--
Two paths converge on one--
Intersect -yet left undone--
Moving different directions--
Not following the same King.

Drip, drip, stab--pierce--bleed
Where does pain lead?
She did not mean,
Yet, she did.
So easily
Forgiveness, washed away.
Bathed--healed by His blood,
Filled up, overflowing Love.
Cheek turning, who will slap next?

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