Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Opposites are the Same

Opposites are the Same

Do you see my smile?
A tear roll down my face.
Two emotions collide to be one.
Seasons change but stay the same.

If I crawl, will you stand
If I try, will you hold my hand?
Stay by me, See me through this fall
I don't like the RED, wipe it away
The hot makes me cold in the soul.

Do you see me cry?
A curve shapes on my lips.
Opposites are one of the same,
Both are needed or nothings gained.

If I stumble, will you lift
If I stop, will you wait for me?
Stay by me, See me die to live
I don't like the RED, it cuts so deep
Gushing inside they say she never bleeds.

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