Thursday, February 21, 2013

Solving Problems

High-speed velocity zigzag trackin' --
Tripping over every thought and sensation,
Not high, not low, running, ribbing, non-stop go.
Help me not crash, or detonate - I need to isolate.

Input maxed, output floods - unplugged but full of juice.
The source can't be turned off; the value is unknown.
Seek the Maker. Who damaged His perfect plans?
In an instant He can solve, thou He wills to let alone.

Limiting contact prevents potential flares
Pyromanic left too many ignitable tissues
Flammable matters not contained in an atom
Cells hold eighteen-plus revolving issues.

Desensitize charges ground into earth.
Pressurized molecules search for their balance.
Slinging atoms splitting into to nanos.
Science pines the mysterious challenge.

Would they profess the same value or import,
On the splitting minds of human beings?
To help a soul recover from child abuse,
To Wear flip-flops and go a mile sightseeing.

Cherished theories chased for accolade,
Are no compare. They slap her in the flesh.
Opportunities are missed -- No grants
To host the child within a humble creche.

Some came afar seeking a brilliant new star
But few recognized her royal wove clothes.
Behold-- the one precious in life-- and death,
The rose, so delicate, left out -- she froze.

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