Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Un-medicated Dreams

Medication serves its purpose,
Intense therapy undertaken,
Stabilizes serotonin,
Keeps a hurting soul unshaken.

Little pills, you are my friend,
Faithful you help me to survive.
Able to love, to give, to know.
With you, I am today alive.

Time comes when your missions complete.
A healed vessel- into - I return.
In therapy -placisity
Of a new brain, she'd duly earn.

By chems it found a place to leap,
Forged pathways in concrete walls,
In Turn, by turn, the drill went on
Angels carried her through the falls.

By faith, she tries to be unmed,
Is it the time to have parole?
Bravely she treads deeper waters.
Trusting to dance - freeing her soul.

By faith I walk feeling my way,
Bending, leaning on God again.
He led me through haunted darkness,
Surely He can thru times so thin.

Sweating, tossing, breathing, beating,
Tortured, rapid re-runs - she dreams,
By day she delicately chose
To keep away from life's extremes.

A smile, a hug, a laugh, to grow,
Simple pleasure quickly can flee.
Number the days it takes to know.
It is finished, Is she chem-free?

by Lindy Abbott

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