Friday, February 22, 2013

Rewind The Thread

Twirling gyro taught us to be still.
Jumping lady strikes us in her snare.
Pin-cushioned targets --very small
Hyper-hearing timbre in the air.

Mallet beaten formed in shiny chrome,
Bruises shape her-- lost in human zeal.
Ignored before, now more, crushing her heart.
Clinging to the promise, I will kneel.

Bobbing thimble, wounding wound it goes,
Threaded needle wearing 'til it split.
How thick the tan bleed and stained,
That bared each lick and built her grit!

Linen, cotton, lacy ruffle, see the frill.
Leather, rivet, painful strikes the metal. 
Filled with fiber, darned the broken hole.
Smell the fragrance of the crushed the petal.

Stitches form seams, rippers expose.
Every error transposed what was done,
Gluing hides the unseemly dark profile.
Giving up life, before she had begun.

Her rose lips meet with a toxic grail.
The foam so subtle, so smooth, simply flows.
Ingested-- clinks the cast foot pedal,
Running over, stitch by stitch, she froze.

by Lindy Abbott

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