Sunday, February 24, 2013

Kindness Helps

Not every time can we know what some needs,
We think it is just another normal day, 
It may be for us, but not for another,
So we tread on, as any other would,
Seeing no need for extra sensitivity
For people that surround us commonly

In a happy home the memories and the sounds
We can't see the shades shifting into grays
Because to us they still seem like blues,
How simple a task it is to ask for 
Permission to unfold our music on hold

But what gift we can give to the other side
If only we could see how our activity 
Lived out in the mind and soul as another comes unglued.
Didn't mean to beat her, didn't mean to kick her with my shoe,
Throwing water into her face, I truly tripped into the space.

Don't you worry child, she was there for you,
Don't you worry child, It isn't what you do,
Clear tear drips in place, doesn't even come from grace,
She wanted so much more but couldn't hold it together
She heard the sounds but didn't know how to change.

Jumbled wires crossed the codes
Impulses triggers every cell to explode
The train shrilled across the track
Pushed cold air upon her back
He was no where to be found
But didn't know how much I needed him to be
Standing here right next to me.

Little gifts of kindness releive so much pain
Amazing that courtesies placed her mind in sane.
He served her by driving the car
Stopped for a fill up - wasn't much more
But it was enough for her heart to regain its steady beat
And it put her mentally onto stable feet.

Each gift, every day, builds by minutes the same way
Every hour, every ten, ticks the clock in the bend
I watched blinding light moving down, not a sound
I felt time close in and I wanted to try to live again.

Give me one more chance to change
Let me show you I am not insane
Believe in me before I die,
I can stop the cycle inside… or at least I'll try.

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