Monday, March 28, 2011

Voices - Do you hear them?


Do you have them? Do you hear them? Is it like a web messed up, growing in your head?

Is it your our mind? your conscience? your emotions? your spirit? your will?

Or someone... something ... else

How do you know? How can it be? What separates imagined from what is real... or reality from what is imagined ... if it is only you who hears it?

Did you ever think about that before? No one hears what goes on inside your head? It is a private world....

It can be a place of chaos, torment or delight and adventure.

Does everyone have the ability to hear? or is it those - only - who are aware?

Awareness... God, are you near, is it you that I sometimes hear? Of course it is. I know your voice. I know Jesus and the Holy Spirit... each speak to me in such a distinct way varying shades of the same hue... one light bend into a rainbow of colors... one moon seen from all over the globe?

Do you hear? Did you know? Do you want to hear? Do you want to know?

I do.

So I listen, and I am blessed...

It has not always been this way... voices aimed to control me, take over, speak over, demand, have their own way, hurt, destroy crush, snuff out.... but God would not let them...

They served their purpose, they had their fun, they help as they could and hurt when they did... never really ever in control. Only to the degree I listened, and surrendered... walk closer into God, press in toward Him.... He will calm the voices just as Jesus calmed the stormy sea.

Rest upon His you hear Him? Rest, re-set, restore.... His mercies are new each morning. And He is sufficient, able, always present.

Voice? Yes...

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