Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bleed No More, Stop the Cutting

His Blood For Me
Bleed the pain... it pours like a heavy rain.
And it cuts, feel the pain, it's so sharp.
It's the raw edge of pain.When will it end? When will it run dry?
Bleed No More..... when will I bleed no more.

I know fear, and Fear knows me.
I know death, he stares at me.
He wanted to take my life, just a child, once upon a time an innocent me... once was... one time... I think, the word "child" was suppose to be, a description of me. No More!

It's a lie, it's a lie, it's a lie.
I can't die for myself.
Stop the cutting, it will never really stop the pain.
Each slash is another bar holding my soul in a prison within... going deeper... ever deeper, lost within.

The glassy stare, the stone cold face, the numbing way she floats through space.
Just a shell of who she could be. 
It will never satisfy the gulf - the hollow lifeless agony. 

How many others had it stolen away, like me, ripped in anger, punched away?
Now be silent, don't say a work. Don't remember - it never really happen anyway... just remember it never really happen like what you say.
You don't know - you don't know - its not like what you say.

My life's a horror flick - splatter blood upon a screen, wasting, meaningless... putrid death inside of me.
But it reels and reels, I was cast in that role... though it was not suppose to be.
Soon the credits roll, please - no - stop,
before it says: The End.... It's too soon, I am not's not my ending. Help me!


But He knows, He saw me hurt. And the tears, He saw me sob, He held each one. The costly tears, He knows the why of each one. He will never forget. He remembers the truth for me. 

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