Friday, August 5, 2011

Get Out!

What is happening?
Get OUT! I said, "Get out!"

Why did you abandon us? You don't care. After all we have done.
Why did you leave? Bet you think it will be nicer, easier, and you will get what you want.
You will pay. One day. You will be so sorry. Mark my words.... you always were a loser.
I know you wouldn't amount to much.

Get OUT! I can't take you anymore. I don't care where you go. LEAVE.

You let everyone down. You just cut and ran. Didn't even say, "Goodbye!"
You are selfish, always. Looking out for number ONE. Why don't you think of your siblings?
I need you to take care of them... I mean, they need you.... look up to you....
They will know now and forever that you didn't care. They will always remember.
You couldn't handle it so you left them.... you didn't even care what happen to them.

Who do you think you are? Shut the hell up. Leave my face? You were a mistake...
Why can't you speak up? Why don't you explain yourself?
It is lies, all lies. You are believing lies. Have it your way. You will be sorry, you will hurt, you will see.

They hate you. You hurt him. How do you think we feel? We don't care. It's not about you! Why didn't you obey... why didn't you wait.... why did you go.... you don't care. I always knew you never really cared.

Whose the crazy one now? I don't need help. You are the one with a problem. Everyone else is fine. It's you.


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