Friday, August 26, 2011

Ugly Raging Mom

 Stop! Dangerous.... don't read if you hurt.... don't read if you are raw.... don't read if 'cutting words' tear you apart. This is raw... this is ugly, mean, painful...... but a gut honest moment frozen in time.

Did you pick up your clothes? I told you to pick up the clothes? Why aren't they folded? Hang them up.
Can you watch the kids? Just 4 hours. It is the least you can do. Everyone has to do their part.
You forgot to feed the cat? Do you want him to die? I should have never gotten that cat? If he dies, its your fault.

I asked you to water the plants, they're bone dry. I paid good money for those plants, water them!
Why can't you do the things we ask? Why are you so slow? What is that look? You expect me to do something for you? Always about you? Push Push Push... to get your way, and then you sit on your butt.

Your room is a mess. How can you live like this? After all we do, you even have your own room.
Stop eating in the living room., put the plates in the dishwasher, is this your cup, crumbs on the sofa again.

Get those dirty muddy shoes off the tile? don't bring those in here... oh, they stink.
Wet clothes, I should have figured you would leave them here? Ever heard of a washer? Of course, not.
What time will you be home? Hello! I need to know. When is your work? Do you have a schedule?
Your part of this family, you know. How about doing your part? How about appreciated us?

Leave, you don't deserve to live here. Ingrate! I don't care where you sleep...
They heard you stream, they know how mean you are, you are simply a jerk, a lazy, selfish jerk.

God wouldn't tell you to do that?
Obey your parents is what HE says!
You aren't even my own kid, I didn't have to adopt you.
You blew it. You could have been an example. They looked up to you.

This house would be better without you. We can't wait to the day your gone.
You cause so much trouble... always talking back... always an excuse.

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