Monday, August 22, 2011

He Bleeds for Me

So deep and wide - it all runs like rain.
Still He comes, I can't get away. Do not run from Him.
Why, why wont He give up, just let me die... I am not sure, can't fathom why. 
Why does He come to me? One day I might .... one day I might... one day I might perceive.

He Calls me, "Beauty"!

And still it fell, down from His face, pierced the skin and it cut the vein....running from His veins, seeping, pouring...the power of His priceless perfect blood. He paid the price, the ransom for my life. 

Still He bleeds, bleeds, bleeds for me. Why would anyone bleed for me?

Do you see - that He bleeds?... He bleeds for me.... So intense, so real.

Trying to end what another began. 

It's not His fault, but still He pays. He bleeds for me.

He covers me with the blood from His veins. So He bleeds; He bleeds for me. I don't understand why He bleed for me? Why did He have to die for me? I am not worth it; it's plain to see: drained of hope, drained of life, scarred, scabbed, disfigured.

What does He see in me? Why does He care for me? Why would He bleed for Me?

He calls me, "Beauty." 

He says, "He loves me."

 He beckons me. He turns my thoughts inside out.

It's the life, it's the source, it's the cure...every drop... covers so much more.

Let His blood pour down on me! When will they ever believe? I let His blood pour down on me! Don't you see - that He bled?  He died for me....

It's the life, it's the power, it's the love........................ and its only in His blood.

The precious blood of Jesus.

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