Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our Nakedness Exposed Self

Were you there?

Did you know?

Really... its all hearsay unless it comes directly from the one, and even then we have to hope they are not lying to others or even more the usual case, themselves. We all present an image of what we hope people see, of what we want people to know.

But in all our nakedness, the uglies are seen and known.... strip any of us down, to our bare bones, what is left... no skin, no hair, no surgery, or material accessories to pretend.... remove the body and what is left? what is there?

Wouldn't that be the best? To be able to sit around with others, to be able to really talk and get to know, to share from the soul, to know and be known. Soul to soul. Real to Real. Truth to Truth.

And it is there, in the naked, exposed, stripped-down-of-it-all moment that I find myself...
and odd as it may be,
I am finally comfortable with being seen, with being visible.

I am happy to be exposed for who I really am, it brings a peculiar smile of rest to my soul... because I am really happy with who I am ...
 I just can't seem to be seen in this jaded, rubberized, manufactured, tinsel town where money is the King.

No one stops to hear the simple minded.
 I have nothing to offer, to impress, to improve.
I am going no where here, so no need to follow.

And the truth is - at the end of it all - few want to know who they really are... to look into the mirror in the eyes of a soul who goes where no ones dares to.

 The fragile essence of  being real.

Is it not really like the plump chicken in the pot, boiling and boiling until the joints loosen and the meat slides off the bones, that we finely find the only opportunity in life to wish?

So naked to the bone I stand and reach out my hand.... now I understand.

No wonder I am treated like a freak show.

The horror of it all is when we step out of the role we know so well how to play, and dare to live uncasted.... we see who we really are....

Do you dare? Can you? Will you?

What it is like to not know the next step, totally out of control, living impromptu in the moment?

Finally, come what may, living visible!

 I dare to be, do you?

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