Friday, March 1, 2013

Glassed In Life - Over-exposed

Incubator walls enclose my soul,
Plexiglas plates seal off life.
Windows to peer out.
Others peer in,
Passing, Running, Ignoring--
They never seem to notice.

Hands pounding invisible bars
Green grass growing outside
Lives among the trees.
Animals roam free.
The world turns on its pole.

I'm in my zone--
Shut out - closed in.
No one heard my sounds.
Breathing slowly
Dying day by day.
Shut out, closed in.
Living a Charade.

In the echo chamber,
I howl cell to cell.
Everyone is learning to play
Life's game so well.
Don't talk, drop it, seal tight the tomb.
Mausoleum dwelling is where I am schooled

And she doesn't make a sound.
Haven't heard from her lately.
Didn't see her in the silence.
She was too exposed.

Shiny Glass Reflection
Viewing Xray smudges
Everything is so visible
In the glare of sunlight.

Cut off, Keep Quiet.
Why Can't she learn shame?
Don't respond again.
Maybe she'll go away.

Ignore, stare at the floor.
Learning filtered words.
Ears work, hairs sway.
Nothings on the nerve.

Impulse - still life.
Crippled - Construed.
Take life from her.
What she had due.
She dared to be different.
Trying to share.
When will she learn.
That No one cares.

And she doesn't make a sound.
Blocked by all sides.
Locked by convention.
Better to live silent.
Just a pretty picture.
She lived over exposed.
Photo processed her gone.
Darkness formed in chemicals.

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