Monday, March 25, 2013

Invisible Woman

Have you ever meet with a group of people but realized you were invisible? No one came to hear or talk to you. The agenda of the hearts had another purpose. You tried to belong, to join in, but your words were not valued or wanted. Did you wonder why? This poem is for anyone who has had such an experience and for those who want to step in others shoes.

She sits at a table and talks,
She shares her life journey,

Did you tell him blah blah blah?
He needs to know blah blah blah.

Eyes turn back to her
Not there.
The "other she" pretended to

Don't tell him to blah blah blah.
He needs to just blah blah blah.

She spoke her memories,
She exposed her life events,
By gone.

It is nice to met blah blah blah
Let's pray blah blah blah.

She stood to say goodbye,
She reached to give a hug,

See you soon blah blah blah.
Enjoyed meeting you both blah blah blah.

She walked toward the door.
She didn't know why she came,

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