Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Type Delete Repeat

These words-this poem- came today because it has been a hard day, frustrating. A day when I keep blundering and still I never give up. All I know is to step in the presence of God and allow Him to fill me up every time I am bumped into and spilt over. An exercise in humility and grace.

Type, Delete, Repeat
Is the rhythm of my day.
Gutting all I need,
Makes me have to stay.

Floodgates opening,
Wear the dam away.
Missing all I need,
Help me Lord to pray.

Million Chances-
False start tries
Feel the glances.
Adrenaline slides.

Go, Slushing, Relief
Is the volume in my mind.
Fighting to believe
Keeps me close in time.

Exhaust, Repenting
Do you still see me?
Taking all I need,
From Your hand receive.

Millions Chances-
Lost in Gambles
Move, E-vances
Humbled pile of clay.

Off the ledge I fall
Into Your embrace.
Trusting all I need,
Supply me Thy GRACE!

And I type, delete, repeat,
Every step I take,
Still I'm forwarding,
Forwarding, I Sent Me.

By Lindy Abbott

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