Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pulling Away to the Next Life

Sometimes what stirs in the mind and soul spills out in a way that feels more like broken pieces found after a storm rips through a town. I am learning that allowing the free associations to come lightens the load I carry that can't find its place to compartmentalize. Humans need means to let go. Writing Poetry is my way. It isn't a picture of my current state of mind, but simply a dance of words, and expression of madness that is healthy, not harmful. Words released in wild display somehow is freeing and brings happiness. Sometimes I think we need to stop trying to explain. Hope is always found in knowing God and being in His presence.

I listened to the thoughts in my head
And noticed I was drifting.
Seated behind the wheel of a car
My soul watched me moving away.

Is it because I am tired?
Or am I coming unglued?
I don't know, can't tell.
Just familiar - what I used to do.

Dissociation comes.
Even when it isn't called.
It shows up on it own.
My body presses 'gainst a wall.

Spirit, soul and mind blend--
Don't we so often pretend,
To be together, when we're frayed--
Knowing we need to mend.

Hurry, go get the glue
Use a hammer or a screw,
Staple her back in layers.
We will act like she is new.

Give her space - don't get close,
She might spit at you.
Spray or squirt, stain like ink--
It doesn't matter what you do.

Life gets messy on the inside
Keep it closed, stay safe.
Dirty, dripping, liquid drain-
Irritating, left her chafe.

Light turns green, on we go.
Split second chance is gone.
Hold it back, never come again.
Doest matter, the picture's torn.

Odd lockbox of raw thoughts.
Some call them --memories,
Who controls the shutter speed
Pushing through forwardings.

Ground me close to My God,
Solidify in my core,
I'm sealed by the Holy Ghost,
Praising He keeps the score.

Spinning head on a table,
Twirling round and round,
Wisps of laugher seeming shallow,
Nowhere else to be found.

Eternity rings hollow,
When our feet touch new grass.
The hands of time stand still
As we breaking like thin glass.

Bursts of color fill my senses
Psychedelic patterns perfuse.
The cold rush of a spring breeze.
I bliss in HIS good news.

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