Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pick Me

She listens to them
Handle the plans.
Never asked her thoughts,
She gives nothing.

Needs are expressed;
She is overlooked.
What possibly could she do
To help others?

"Pick me," she longs,
Wanting to offer.
But dares not--
Too many rejections linger.

To God she prays,
He could suggest,
If He wants.
He would speak her name.

In sadness she sits,
longing to partake.
Though she's never noticed,
By those who cast the roles.

She waits trusting,
Her time will come.
She will be allowed
To be all that she can be.

At least, that is the story
So often told.
To those who wait,
His timing is perfect.

To Him she clings.
Hoping one day soon,
Her time will join His
And she will be set free.

her life,
to give--
for Him.

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