Monday, March 29, 2010

Becoming Attuned - Day 1

I decided to make a video journals most days as I progress through attunement brain therapy by my Psychologist. While I don't meet with my therapist but once a week, the therapy continues each day I live. I love to write, but video (vlogging) is a popular means of communicating today, so I am going to use it within my blog.

Everyday I am capable, I will make a video. My purpose is hopefully encourage people who are hurting from trauma due to child abuse and also to help anyone who know someone that needs to recover from mental illness caused by child abuse.

I am a Christian first.

Why is this important to say upfront?

Well, I want you to understand that I am not using this site to preach or convert people. I do want to be genuine. Since I live in a life with a God-centered worldview, I think it is important to say this clearly. Anyone, Christian or not, can benefit from my attunement therapy because it is not a religious experience. It is done by qualified professional counselors.

In watching my experience, or if you decide to comment, I would like for you be sensitive to the fact that Jesus is very important to me in my healing process. So please don't attack my faith in comments because it would hurt my feelings.

What being a Christian means for me, is that I am not walking this path of healing alone even though it often feels like I am many days - the truth is God is always with me and on my worst days He is carrying me or holding me. Due to have Disassociative Disorder I don't easy feel His presence because I am not always grounded to people and my surroundings. I live a lot of time detached.

My therapist through attunement therapy is going to help establish and develop neuro pathways that are not in my brain. Science with MRI imagining has shown in resent years that people who have been through severe and especially very young child abuse do not have pathways in the brain as people do in normal development. My brain is different, so we are going to do intensive therapy to help my brain become more like people who have never been through child abuse.

And through attunement brain therapy, I am going to learn to be attached to people, events, life in general. I am sure I will learn much about what this means in days and weeks to come.

Well, that is enough for today. Here is my video:

Comments are always welcomed. It is always nice to know you are not alone in your experience and that other people can relate or appreciate what you go through.


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