Sunday, March 28, 2010

Lonely, Empty, Meaningless - Interrupted

I look out my bedroom window...past the white painted rocking chair (that was not painted until it started to mold so no matter how clean I try to get it - it still is dirty looking and my mother-in-law always brought a towel to clean it off or sit on when she was still alive and here for her visit 2-3 times a year)....funny what goes through our mind....that has been 5 years if not 10 and every single time I see the rocking chairs - this is what I think.


I look out of my bedroom window, and past the top rung on the white painted rocking chair, and I see joy.....

Daffodils dancing in the early spring wind. They make me smile, which is something I really needed at this moment, because I have not been feeling much interested in life, living, breathing, doing, being.

I am thankful for the gentle breeze that makes these delicate cheery flowers wiggle on their long slender green legs.

A mental break from the cloud the held me away from connection and joy.

I may not be closely linked to people, things, events...but nature helps me a lot. God has a hold on me in nature. A little window into innocence, rest, and playfulness. All simply being real, daffodils naturally being what God created them to be. If only we could learn to rest and be - so willingly surrendered to the winds of our life, trusting in the soil of our spirit to keep our soul rooted where we are suppose to be.

Oh, that I may live as simply as a daffodil dancing in the wind!

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