Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I Don't Give A Crap!

This hurt a lot! I was talking to one of my children expressing what I that I had some success in finding someone to help me pursue litigation against people/ organizations that turned a blind eye to the torturous abuse occurring in my family. I told so many people, especially leadership in schools and Department of Human Services, and no one did ANYTHING to help me or anyone in my family.

My child said, "I Don't Give A Crap!"

It hit me like a sword being shoved into my heart. 

And worst, the little tape started one gives a crap, no one cares what happen to you, no one gives a crap, no one has helped you ever, you see, no one give a CRAP about you or anything that happen to you.

The pain stung and took time for me let those words go even after my child apologized. 

Books - they help me enter other worlds - think about other thoughts - hear other words....for 2 hours I sat on the floor of a Goodwill reading books that people have discarded - tossed away....just like longer needed...not one cares about these books. 

I  care - someone wrote them because they felt they had something important to tell. I will be glad to listen.

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