Tuesday, March 16, 2010


SWAT! ow, ow, ouch - that hurts.... words slap into me

I cheer, I smile, I express my emotions.

SWAT! why? slapped again... stares, eyes roll, silent words of "she's weird"...."cuckoo"....it hurts deep inside.

I gleefully make a comment, fully engaged, enjoying the moment in life.

SWAT! SWAT! their eyes slash through me....hurtful, hideous eyes

What is wrong? Why can't I just be me? I might be different, can't help it, it is who I am.

I am different. Why can't people be kind and accept me?

The pain runs over....the gruntle-scream roars out of the deepest ravines of my being....and I cry, I cry, I cry for years of pain....and I cry, I cry, feeling quite insane...and I cry, I cry, accepting who I am, and I cry, I cry, remembering my grandmothers that were the same.....

Did anyone hear them when they cried out in pain? When the electrodes were attached to their bodies and the jolt roared through their bones....did they cover up their screams....was anyone listening? did anyone care?

were they loved? or did people just stare, glare, making them feel 'mad'?

Who should have been given the electric shock? The one hurting deep inside her soul or the people who were too insensitive to listen...too shallow to hear...too worldly to see a wounded soul?

Only God knows!!!!

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