Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Forecast is Changing

I have been through a hellacious week or more -

Longing to stabilize - I sit at a sandwich shop when I should be home making dinner for my family.

The sweet tea is so comforting, along with the cheddar broccoli soup. Everyone needs a breather. This is mine as I sit with my legs propped up on the chair across the table. Oh, getting some weight off my mind.

Phone calls, television, emails, cat food, cluttered sinks.... is this called a break?

Click, click, click ----drum, drum, drum, ---- TV volume up, up, up.....the coil is twisting..."click, click, click," says the pen in my son's hand. "boom, boom, boom," says the drum kit in my son's room. "blare, blare, blare," says the TV since it can't hear over the drum.

Tip...tip...push her just a little more...that's it...she twisted tighter...


Blow! Scream! Help! AUUUGH!

Calm it down, calm it down, deep breath, easy does it...

Can you tell I am having a better day? That the negative forecast is changing....the windy, dark clouds are lifting....

It is OK if you can't see it.... I can feel it. And I know there is One who is in control of the crazy world...and He loves me.

So I hang on!

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