Friday, April 1, 2011

Being Me! I Like It!

I have found a place to be me... to share it all, unhindered about reputation, not intimidated about people turning on me, using my own words to trap me, control me, hurt me....

Everyone longs for a place in life to be real. So few ever find it. Being naked, being raw, being wrong, being broken, being enough, being accepted, being loved....just as I am... right now, this very minute! Content, at peace, able to take in a long deep breath of cleansing air, and let go all "living up to" expectations.

With God, in the secret place, when you have disciplined yourself to learn to be still, to drop concerns, to know His voice, to know Him - His ocean of love

Thorny interruptions - time to stop!
and then it is all over.... in enters people, talking, wanting, needing... sharing what is important to who ever it is... totally oblivious to interrupting ... rambling, talking, never stopping, wanting to engage in something imaginary, a game....

clicking, tapping, constant noise, click, click, click

talk, talk, talk.... wanting... click click click harder tapping....

I must stop.

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