Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trust - Warning Fragile! Handle with Care!

Little Bird, Who Do You Trust?

Once so small, so tender too..

Little bird, what must I do?

In the wind, it pulls swiftly at me,

Do I take flight, stay, or just wait and see?

I am a fragile soul, like bird,

Who will protect me, who will listen so I am heard?

I am in the safety of Your palm.

Nothing can touch me that is not in Your plan.

As a little bird, I look up to You.

Oh, God, show me what I must do?

"Be true to thyself and what you feel.

Honoring pain, admitting it is real.

Little bird, you are free... fly away .... live life as it should be.

Fly away home, Little Bird."


Take Flight!

Trust - that was the whole theme.

Once broken it is hard so seam.

No instant glue can mend the ragged tear.

Convincing, coaxing, pushing makes it just harder to bare.

Trust - fragile and so easily broken.

Shredded by words either said or unspoken.

Actions always speak louder than words.

They reveal your true hand, intension are heard.

Trust - a bond, a powerful link between two.

After it is broken, no quick remedy will do.

Childlike cornered, so many stating the way.

Shutting down, so I can hear what You say.

Trust - I am looking at You.

I know You will get me through.

This I am certain while all else is unsure.

I cling to You -hope and promise of good future.

Trust - I am trusting You.

You have always come through.

In the darkest of day, in the deepest of pain.

Your love, Your knowledge, You are always the same.

And this is the rising star

Nothing I have ever felt before.

I learned through the web of appeal

In the end I see, I trusted myself to feel.

I had so many choices to deny my pain,

To suck it up, make it hide in shame.

But I gave me a voice, and I honored it too!

Thank you God for showing me what I must do.

Of course, I owe it all to You.

I learned to trust myself and give me what I needed.... I didn't deny my pain... or how unsafe I felt.

When it all came down, crashing all around, fingers of accusations pointed at me. I stood strong.

I trusted my instincts,  I honored my feelings, I protected myself,

To thyself be true!

and in this revelation, a bud of peace, joy and assurance has emerged.  

Take Flight!

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